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    Cofradia's Bilingual School is located in the lovely town of Cofradia, Cortes, near to the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Home to over 300 students in grades Kinder (age 4) to Grade 11 (age 18), our school aims to offer a top-quality, affordable bilingual education to our children and a level of community support and involvement that does not exist in the local public schools. Many of our kids come from very low socio-economic backgrounds and thanks to our volunteers we are able to offer them a free or low cost bilingual education they could not otherwise afford. Being bilingual in Honduras is a massive advantage and gives our kids the chance to end the cycle of poverty for themselves and for their families.


    Many of our students are only able to attend CBS through our scholarship program.  Scholarship recipients are chosen based on both economic need, as well as a child’s desire to learn and desire to be a part of our school community. Cofradía’s Bilingual School gives out three full school-funded scholarships each year to incoming Kinder students, in addition to other partial school-funded scholarships.  Our school places high priority on both bringing new families into the CBS community, as well as giving families who could otherwise never afford a bilingual education for their children the opportunity to break their cycle of poverty through a knowledge of the English language.

    In order to offer a free or low cost education to our students, we are reliant on foreign volunteers coming to teach with us throughout the year. The school is founded on the principle that education empowers students to lead lives of their own creation. Students who attend our school become responsible, motivated, and passionate people ready to build a brighter future for themselves, their community and their country.

    Our school has been educating the students of Cofradia for over 20 years and follows the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our volunteers are required to plan lessons, however, we have an effective and easy to use curriculum in place for our teachers. 

    Our volunteers love working with the students at our school as well as creating bonds with fellow teachers. At any one time we normally have between 8 and 14 volunteers teaching with us. Our volunteers typically spend the time after school together and often travel together at the weekends. A typical afternoon can be cooking together, watching a movie using our projector or walking to the local river. Our volunteers come for the students but often leave with life long friends.

    Besides volunteer-taught classes in English, students also attend several classes a day taught by our Honduran teachers. Several of these teachers also run the administration of the school.  Our volunteers and Honduran staff work together to create a well-rounded learning environment, where students are able to learn about other cultures while still maintaining knowledge of their own culture and country.


    All volunteer-taught classes are conducted in English, so Spanish-language skills are not required. Prior teaching experience is not required to work at our school. While experience in education is certainly beneficial, we place more importance on highly passionate and dedicated volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of our students. 

    We are now looking for help from our volunteers to help teach English for Kinder through Grade 11 for the 2019-2020 school year. For the sake of consistency and and to insure maximum progress and success for our students, we do prefer to accept volunteers that commit to the entire academic year (10 months). However, we welcome enthusiastic teachers who can only come for shorter periods to be classroom assistants, resource teachers and/or can offer something really special for either the students or the community in general. In return for volunteering with us, we offer free accommodation in our volunteer house as well as 2 cooked meals per day and group food available to cook for evening meals.

    If you would like to apply, send us a resume and letter of interest at volunteer@cofradiaschool.com.

    If you would like to donate or support a student scholarship, please visit the Support Us page.