About Us                    


   Cofradía’s Bilingual School is home to over 300 students in grades Kinder (Pre-K) to 11th grade.  Located a short walk from the center of town, CBS has twelve classrooms, a central field, and a stage where we conduct our weekly assemblies.  When not in class, our students can be found playing endless games of football, shooting hoops on the basketball court, or hanging out with friends.

   CBS was founded in 2003 with the goal of offering a bilingual education that wasn’t previously available in the area.  Unlike many other bilingual schools in Honduras, most CBS teachers are native speakers.  This allows for a more comprehensive English education, and students leave CBS with better pronunciation and fluency than they would otherwise.  Our graduates’ competency in English translates directly into higher-paying jobs and increased opportunities for higher education.


   Besides volunteer-taught classes in English, students also attend several classes a day taught by our Honduran teachers.  These well-trained teachers are also passionate about CBS and our students, and strive to educate the children at CBS on how to be strong, responsible, and kind people.  Several of these teachers also run the administration of the school.  Our volunteers and Honduran staff work together to create a well-rounded learning environment, where students are able to learn about other cultures while still maintaining knowledge of their own culture and country.

   Many of our students are only able to attend CBS through our scholarship program.  Scholarship recipients are chosen based on both economic need, as well as a child’s desire to learn and desire to be a part of our school community.  Since there are so many families in need, scholarship decisions are taken very seriously and made jointly by the volunteers and Honduran staff.  Cofradía’s Bilingual School gives out three full school-funded scholarships each year to incoming Kinder students, in addition to other partial school-funded scholarships.  Our school places high priority on both bringing new families into the CBS community, as well as giving families who could otherwise never afford a bilingual education for their children the opportunity to break their cycle of poverty through a knowledge of the English language.

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