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Your job doesn’t require you to be an EMT or paramedic, but some employers push you to become EMT or paramedic based on the type of work you perform and the level of certification you have. Some jobs require immediate licensure, while other jobs like infrastructural safety require you to become a registered member of the Federal Emergency Medical Service (FEMS) before you can apply for a job. The majority of employers and many job placement agencies expect you to have either an EMT or paramedic certification. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is used for certifying paramedic and EMT candidates. The prospective employee must take and pass the exam for EMT-Basic in order to qualify for most job opportunities in this field. Many agencies also make previous certification in an EMT – Basic course an automatic 10-hour certification toward a paramedic or EMT – I85.

You can earn your EMT-Basic certification or EMT – I85 in various New England area institutions.Tuition fees for EMT-Basic are affordable and courses are very flexible. You can choose to work with several agencies such as The American Red Cross (riad) or Lutheran Social Services. Other employers who employ EMTs or paramedics allow them to take their earned certifications and pass them in place of employer’s certification examinations.

How can you earn your EMT-Basic certification?

First, as mentioned above, you are required to pass the EMT Basic certification course that is structured on three levels. You must pass Level 1, no certification; Level 2, EMT – Basic; Level 3, EMT – Paramedic. After passing these levels, you are required to complete a successfully completed course, referred to as the EMT – Basic Georgia Specialties Course. This course is available in both online (through colleges and universities) and offline (by book clubs, hobby schools, etc.).

The EMT Basic certification course whiles being 15 hours long is only divided into eight chapters with a total of 21 topics. Aside from the written section of the exam, in the oral section of the exam, the candidate has to answer questions referring to the subject taught in the class.

The EMT Basic certification is therefore available for candidates who are interested in working in emergency medicine, homeland care, first responder, medical services,loading and unloading heavy equipment, platooning, ambulance operations, and so on.

The EMT – Basic certification is therefore aimed at professions that require the candidate to be able to deal with bleeding, childbirth, children and adults, as well as heart attacks and emergencies of a respiratory nature.

Make sure that you pass all the requirements of the course before sitting for the written EMT Basic exam. This is one of the tests that will separate the truly excellent EMTs from the merely competent.

Although the EMT Basic certification is a requirement for entry in many agencies, some agencies may make you acquire an additional certification consisting of an EMT – I85, depending on your prerogatives.

The Red Cross is one of the organizations that make EMT – I85 as a requirement. So is the American Association of Medical Assistants, the National Highway Safety Association and the German Federal roads authority.

According to the EMT website, “EMT – Safer Care is About Paying the Right Prize”. All EMTs should be aware that as an EMT you can help save many lives and until you lose sight of your goal, everything you do will contribute to that ultimate goal…to save a life.

The course of EMT training and the exams are based on the “4 killeds” scenario which is prepared for participants coming from all over the US and Canada. All EMTs pursuing higher education in an emergency medicine field can follow this course of study as well.

Get this course online! Make it possible for you to start earning your certification from your own home. This is especially helpful to working individuals who have to take care of their own families as well as they juggle family and work responsibilities with their full-time jobs.

By pursuing your EMT – I85 certification, first you must complete EMT basic training by going to The website provides a way for live tutors to act as online teachers. You can communicate with them using both emails and online chat services.

How to proceed:

Online EMT Test:

This course is prepared for those who have never completed any live teaching sessions, due to various reasons. The online EMT course is a preparation of sorts for those who have never been in a live teaching situation.